“Last Christmas, Kim painted a portrait of our precious golden retriever “Julie” who was one year old at the time. The process started with her coming to my home and taking well over one hundred pictures to capture Julie’s personality.  The pictures were lovely, however, the portrait is outstanding! It was amazing how Kim captured every detail. The picture truly looks life-like. The eyes look stunning…the colour of the fur is multi-dimensional…she even captured Julie’s favourite pose, sitting with one paw curled under. When people see the portrait for the first time they comment on how ‘majestic’ or ‘intelligent’ Julie looks.  Kim, thank-you so much…you are so talented…we will treasure this portrait for a life-time!


Julie (1)10363082_635187519937386_3437416535625887096_n


“Last September we lost our sweet Irish Wolfhound, Dublin. She was a lovable quirky girl, and we adored her. For Christmas, I commissioned a portrait of Dubs as a surprise for my husband. Originally, I wanted a pencil sketch, but I ended up getting the most beautiful painting of our girl. I was absolutely stunned at the portrait’s detail. Kim captured all the nuances of our dog, particularly the expressive nature of Dublin’s eyes. It was simply amazing! Needless to say, my husband was thrilled when he opened his gift and saw Dubs looking back at him. I want to thank Kim for providing us with such a cherished gift.


Jane O”


“Words cannot describe how happy I am with the portrait of my girls Nina and Sammy.  These two girls are best friends and I now have a forever portrait of them.  the way you captured them for those who know them, you can see their personality shine through.  Their eyes are so deep like they are looking into your soul.  This portrait has a prominent place in my home, no one can walk by without complimenting it.  Well done Kim you capture my girls perfectly.  Thank you so much!


sammy etc



“Just wanted to say you did an amazing job with the portrait of Skylar.  It’s almost like having her ‘alive’ again with the sparkle in her eyes and the fact that her nose even looks wet :) I had the original picture of her hanging on my wall and your portrait just brings her back to life!! Thanks again!




“I just wanted to thank you again on the unbelievable job you did on Bailey’s portrait. You managed to capture every detail of him perfectly. It is amazing how life like the portrait is….its as if you brought a part of him back to life for our family to cherish everyday. I look forward to working with you again in the future, and will recommend you to anyone looking to get something like this done. You are a very talented artist. Best wishes for the future.

Thanks Again,
Shona M”



“I just wanted to tell you how happy and impressed I am with my portrait of Riddick. You did a terrific job showing his true personality. Thank you.


riddick process1Riddick