Kim Martin’s art career began in 2009 with work being featured in Pie Magazine and reviewed in the Barrie Examiner. An artists profile in the official guide for Kempenfest 2009 marked being awarded Feature Artist. Kim’s first submitted and accepted painting to Pastel Artists Canada Purely Pastel 2009 won People’s Choice Award. Having been granted Signature Status with the Pastel Artists Canada in 2011, Kim went on to win Honorable Mention in 2012. That same year her work was included in the International Association of Pastel Societies (IAPS) Web Exhibition. In 2013,  Kim Martin attained the Master Pastel Artist Award (MPAC) by Pastel Artists Canada. Kim’s education in the arts is a lifelong commitment of self study. Kim has also taken workshops with Lesley Harrison and Sally Strand of California and Albert Handell of New Mexico. Kim lives and works in Utopia, Ontario.

Publications & Awards